Custom Tentacle Orders

If there's a certain color scheme, number of tentacles, and base shape you'd like to own, I will happily make it for you! 

Upon ordering, email me at with the colors, purpose (jewelry holder/business card holder/wall decoration) and base shape you'd like.

Some of the pieces on this site are sold out but I can make similar ones.  Keep in mind that each tentacle is individually sculpted and not pulled from a mold.  On average it takes about 1 day to sculpt and bake the tentacles and then another day or two to carve the base, set the tentacles, paint and clear coat everything.  Thanks for looking!

Base Shape Options:

- circle 

- square

- oval

- rectangle

- shield 

*The size of the base shape will be determined by how many tentacles you want on it.

Pricing per number of Tentacles

1- $25

2- $45

3-  $60

4- $80

5- $100

Anything over 5, add $20 per additional tentacle.

Thanks for visiting!